Dear user, welcome to the services provided by us. Please read and understand the rights and restrictions set out in the User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") before using the service. By using this application, you agree to be bound by this Agreement, and please read it carefully, particularly with respect to any provisions that exclude or limit your liability.

This Agreement is the final, complete and exclusive agreement between the User (including any natural or legal person or other organization who has acquired the Product by any lawful means, hereinafter referred to as 'the User' or 'you') and us with respect to matters relating to the Product and supersedes and consolidates all prior discussions and agreements between the parties with respect to such matters.

By using an account, you must undertake and guarantee that:

  1. 1.Acknowledgement and acceptance of the Terms of Service

By accessing or using this application, the user agrees to accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

  1. 2.Changes and modifications to the Terms of Service

We reserve the right to modify the terms of service as necessary and will indicate the changes on important pages as soon as they occur. If you do not agree with the changes, you may abandon your access to the information services of the application. If the user continues to use the information services of the application, he/she will be deemed to have accepted the changes to the Terms of Service. The application reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time without notice to the user. The application exercises the right to modify or discontinue the service without any liability to the user or to third parties.

  1. 3.User behavior

    1. 3.1User information

In the course of your use of our products or services, we may: require you to provide personal information such as your name, email address, telephone number, contact address and other similar personal information required to register or apply for services; your use of our products and services constitutes your consent to the collection and fair use of such information. You may choose to refuse or abandon the use of the relevant products or services at your own discretion.

    1. 3.2Prohibited acts during account registration

  1. (a)Impersonates any person or body, or falsely states or causes to be mistaken the name of any person or body to which he is connected in a false and untrue manner.

  2. (b)Please do not register names that are identical or similar to those of other users.

  3. (c)Do not register uncivilized or unhealthy names, or names containing discriminatory, insulting or obscene words.

  4. (d)Do not register names that are likely to be ambiguous or misleading to others.

    1. 3.3Users shall not post the following illegal information and photos on this application

  1. (a)Spreading rumors that disturb the social order and destabilize society.

  2. (b)Disseminating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crime.

  3. (c)Insulting or defaming another person and infringing on his or her lawful rights and interests.

  4. (d)Contains other content prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

  5. (e)It is forbidden to harass, defame, threaten or impersonate other users of the site.

  6. (f)The publication of files or information that may prejudice the rights of third parties, such as (including but not limited to): virus code, hacking programs, software crack registration information, is strictly prohibited.

  7. (g)Uploading other people's work is prohibited. This includes works by others that you have downloaded, screenshotted or collected from the Internet.

  8. (h)The uploading of web images such as advertisements, banners, signs, etc. is prohibited.

  1. 4.Services

The details of this service are provided by us on a case-by-case basis and we may change the services we provide and the services provided may change at any time.